Firms team up to sue Volkswagen over emissions scandal

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After securing the first European discovery order against Volkswagen, Irish law firm O’Dwyer Solicitors has teamed up with litigation giant Hausfeld to prosecute the carmaker in the European Union.

The requested material is due to be made available at the beginning of August, which is set to result in a “sea change” in European lawsuits against the carmaker. Partner at the firm Evan O’Dwyer said he was keen to ensure a coordinated response from lawyers across the EU.

He explained:

“I want to get a network in place so when the information is available it can be used to full effect.”

County Mayo district court granted the order in a claim for damages by a Volkswagen car owner.

The claim was submitted after the manufacturer admitted in 2015 that it had installed “defeat devices” in millions of cars around the world in order to trick emission testers.

Unless Volkswagen appeals the discovery order, the next hearing will take place on 6 September.