Home Office ramps up inspections of Tier 2 Visa sponsors

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Recent increases in unannounced Home Office visits to the premises of Tier 2 Visa sponsors has resulted in the loss of sponsor licences.

The authorities have the right to carry out inspections to ensure conditions are being met. Previously these were carried out at least once in every four years, but more recently an increase has been noted.

At an unannounced visit, an inspection officer will check that a sponsor is able to meet their duties under the requirements of a Tier 2 Visa and check that the migrant is compliant with all of the duties and requirements of the sponsorship.

Points that are particularly followed up include the following:

  • Proof that the migrant is qualified to carry out the work for which they are employed.

  • Reporting to the UK visa authorities any change in the migrant’s status, such as absence or termination of contract.

  • Details of recruitment policies and evidence that the sponsorship is still necessary.

  • Accurate details of the migrant’s personal information and movements.

  • Evidence that the salary paid accords with HMRC records.

  • Whether any action points from previous inspections have been dealt with.

Any failures can result in the downgrading, suspension or withdrawal of a sponsorship licence, and further inspection visits at more regular intervals.

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