UK companies to list number of foreign employees

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UK companies look set to face tighter regulations when it comes to hiring non-EU workers. In a bid to reduce net migration to about 100,000 a year, Amber Rudd said the strategy would be to toughen visa rules as well as “examining whether we should tighten the test companies would have to take before recruiting from abroad.

Proposals include disclosing the proportion of every companies’ workforce which is foreign and could grow to include all non-British workers after Brexit. Businesses would be put under rigorous guidelines to prove that they had tried to fill a vacancy with a British employee. This as David Davis, the Brexit secretary highlighted that looking overseas for staff was not an option till British workers were given the chance to apply.

The idea is being modelled after the Labor Department and Department for Homeland Security in the United States, where there are records of every visa issued and the existence of documents pointing out the percentage of foreign employees in companies.

Rudd faced unpleasant back-lash as the Chancellor of Birmingham University labelled her plans as “absolutely shocking” while the co-founder of Cobra Beer in Britain, Lord Bilimoria said Rudd was ensuing Teresa May’s stance as being completely “anti-immigration and anti-international student”.

In an interview with Today, the home secretary hit back at her detractors saying “We mustn’t ignore the fact that people want to talk about immigration and if we talk about immigration, don’t call me a racist.”

Out of the almost 32 million people working in Britain, only 5.2 million are foreign born and includes EU migrants working in the country.