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It’s hard to find a good business lawyer who won’t break the bank. Big brand law firms have the reputation, but they come with high overheads and eye-watering rates. You could try a smaller firm, but how will you know if they’re any good? Personal recommendations can be great, but even then you’ll be left wondering whether the price you are quoted makes sense or not.

About 43% of SME businesses go online first when faced with a legal problem. Many will spend countless hours trawling through search results looking for the right business lawyer. There must be a better way.

Lexoo helps you save time and money by getting multiple quotes from hand-picked business lawyers to match your business needs. We make sure that only business lawyers who are actually specialists in a certain area of law are invited to quote for a job and we screen and interview every single lawyer before they can join the platform.

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Lexoo focuses on connecting you with the best business lawyers, whether you need a shareholders agreement or a commercial property lease. We’ve matched 27000 entrepreneurs and businesses like yours with great business lawyers. Here are some popular legal services:

Commercial leases:

Whether it’s an office, a shop, a restaurant or warehouse, every growing business needs their own space and a commercial lease to go with it. It’s one of the most popular legal jobs we see here at Lexoo and prices range between £750 to £1,000 for straightforward leases for smaller tenancies. For larger, longer term office leases that need more negotiation, quotes typically range from £3,750 to £6,000 plus government fees and taxes. You can learn more about commercial leases here.

Buying or selling commercial property:

There’s a lot at stake when buying or selling commercial property. Lots of money, red tape and complexity. Whether it’s dealing with planning permission, licences, environmental issues, finance or taxation - a good commercial property lawyer will help you navigate the potential issues that can derail your transaction.

Buying a business:

When purchasing a business, most purchasers lean towards cherry-picking the assets they want, rather than purchasing the underlying shares of the company (and liabilities that come with it). This is where an asset purchase agreement comes into play. On the buyer’s side, a business lawyer will generally prepare the first cut, describing exactly the assets being bought, such as machinery, stock, customer/supplier contracts, premises and intellectual property. Property can further complicate things and dealing with landlord issues can cause delays if not adequately addressed.

Disputes and litigation:

Businesses need legal advice on average four times a year and often that can involve disputes. Whether it’s with a customer, supplier or even an employee, great business lawyers will first try to settle a dispute. However, sometimes the only choice is to take the matter to court. The initial steps often involve a pre-action letter, but from there the process (and complexities) will depend on the type of dispute and the money at stake.

Terms and conditions:

A set of terms and conditions accompanies every website, app or software product. Whether they opt in or agree simply by using the service, users are bound by the T&Cs and as a service provider, you’ll want the best protection possible. These T&Cs can go from simple, standard terms for ‘information-only’ websites to complicated rules guiding buyers and sellers in a highly regulated sector, like FinTech or medical applications. A business lawyer who’s experienced in writing terms and conditions in your industry or sector will help you to create T&Cs that give you the best possible protection for your business, which you can read more about here.

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How to hire a great business lawyer

Use a Specialist

Ever met a lawyer claiming to take care of all of your business legal needs? They’ll do corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law, website terms and conditions, business leases and even corporate migration. To master each of these legal areas takes years of training, experience and continuing professional development - no single lawyer can do it all. If they say they can, steer clear!

Lawyers have to learn as they earn, but it shouldn’t wind up on your bill

In big firms, it is common for junior lawyers or trainees to ‘learn on your dime’. Many lawyers who worked in large firms will recall being charged out at sky high rates in their early years, despite having almost zero knowledge or experience. Delegating work to juniors only makes sense in some contexts, like basic research, due diligence or litigation ‘discovery’ tasks.

Ask your lawyer: who will do your work? If juniors are part of the process, get them to explain how the economics stack up in your favour.

Specifically define the work and then get a fixed quote

The issue with lawyers charging by the hour is that it rewards the number of hours being spent on a task. A great business lawyer with the right experience can get your job done in half the time. But they have little incentive to be that efficient - the more experienced they become in an area the less they can charge for that task!

Don’t pay for hours, pay for value. Getting fixed fee quotes gives you just that. You’ll know what you’re getting up front and agreeing a clear scope will align the expectations between you and the lawyer.

Get lawyers to take into account disbursements

Many legal jobs include costs that not strictly ‘professional fees’, like government charges, court filing fees, search fees, duties and taxes or even barrister fees. These are called ‘disbursements’ and are the lawyer’s out-of-pocket expenses. They can stack up, so ask your solicitor for an estimate of disbursements. This way, you can estimate your budget without unpleasant surprises.

For even more tips, check out our free book ‘Lawyer Up - an entrepreneur’s guide to working with lawyers.’

“I wanted to find a lawyer for help with some terms and conditions for my iPhone app and a few friends had used Lexoo and recommended it. I received 3 quotes by the next day and the lawyer I went with was brilliant!”
- Dharmesh

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Adam leadercramer

"We are specialist lawyers in the sport, fashion and entertainment sector. We are a boutique firm based in Southwest London and we regularly work with startups.

I think the calibre of clients coming through Lexoo is very high.

Some really quite well known businesses are using the platform as a way to check they're getting value from their existing lawyers or looking for new lawyers who have a specialism that their existing lawyers don't have.

Lexoo's quite different, we don't use any other platform.

Whenever Lexoo asks me to quote, I think, “Well that’s good, that’s really in our area of expertise.” It will relate to an area where we can offer the client real industry expertise."

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