IT Security Policies

What is an IT security policy?

A company’s IT security policy is a document containing procedures, rules and behaviour for its employees in their use of IT systems. It will include matters such as keeping data confidential, protecting IT systems from intruders and acceptable use of the system by employees.

What is an IT security policy update?

An IT security policy is sometimes referred to as a living document. This means that it is never finished, and as time goes by and technologies and companies evolve the document should be updated to be fit for purpose.

Why is an IT security policy needed in an organisation?

All businesses need an IT security policy in place to protect data and systems. Data should be kept confidential, its integrity maintained to prevent illegal access and it should be easily available when required. A failure in cyber security can be extremely damaging to a company’s reputation. Handling of an incident will be more effective where policies are already exist.

What should an IT security policy contain?

An IT security policy should contain details for maintaining data confidentiality, network and system security, physical security, acceptable use of the system, system monitoring, incident response and handling and IT security training. It should also give provision for regular review of the policy and assessment of its effectiveness.

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