Top tips for choosing a patent attorney

Hiring the right lawyer is difficult. To help, we've put together a list of our top 5 factors to look for when hiring the right Patent Attorney.

1) Qualifications: 

Patent attorneys (AKA patent 'agents') are a particular type of lawyer who’re trained specifically to represent patent applicants before the national and regional patent offices. Ensure your patent attorney is qualified as a UK Chartered Patent Attorney or European Patent Attorney (or both!).

2) Technical background: 

Find a Patent Attorney with some technical background (most have at least one) as the technology underpinning your invention e.g. an electrical engineer would suit mechanical, electrical and computer-related technologies; but not biotechnology.

3) Track record:

Whether you’re looking to apply for a patent in the UK, Europe or elsewhere, remember that each country has its own quirks, so look for patent attorneys who’ve successfully filed patents in the specific countries you’re after. Ask for evidence: what’s the backlog looking like right now? How much is it to file in those countries? What are the translation costs? Make sure their finger is on the pulse.

4) Strategic advice:

A good patent attorney will help with strategic decisions such as which route (UK only; or European Patent Office or Patent Cooperation Treaty application) to take, country selection, disclosure strategy, options to accelerate the process and more.

5) Transparent pricing: 

Patents are not cheap. But you can avoid blowing the budget by getting a clear breakdown of not only the professional fees of your patent attorney for preparing your application and managing the process through to grant (or even opposition) but also non-professional costs such as government filing and search fees and language translation costs.


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