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Bhavini Kalaria

The London Law Practice

Location London

About Bhavini

Bhavini works with business owners who have contract disputes which are often made more challenging because of ambiguous terms. She enjoys getting to the crux of an issue, resolving it in the best possible way for her client (not that surprising for a litigator). This usually involves challenging and negotiating on their behalf.

A case highlight for Bhavini was acting for the Law Society where a 1930 Act was successfully used, granting The Law Society ‘Rights Against Insurers’. It was a complicated case which set new law.

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About their firm

The London Law Practice is a firm specialising in small and median sized businesses working in the UK and more internationally.  We work across commercial, corporate, employment, immigration, dispute resolution, commercial property, wealth protection and intellectual property work.  We also work with our clients on a retainer basis and are happy to discuss the various options.