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David Smith

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Location London

About David

David is a specialist in residential landlord and tenant law. He advises landlords and agents in this field with a particular focus on changes in the law. He is well known for his work on tenancy deposit protection, houses in multiple occupation and consumer protection legislation. David acts for clients needing specialist drafting of tenancy agreement, terms of business and other documents, in relation to complex landlord and tenant litigation, and also in defending clients faced with prosecution for alleged breaches of landlord and tenant and related consumer protection legislation at which he has an enviable record of success. David believes in offering sensible advice that fits with his clients business and personal needs. As a specialist in law firm compliance fulfilling this role within the firm he is practised in steering a reasonable path between legal obligations and practical considerations.

About their firm

Many legal cases can be solved without going to court, which is just as well, because most people don’t relish the idea. Going to court is usually a last resort only to be used when the alternatives have failed. Others might relish their day in court. In either case, we can help you be prepared and fight your corner.

Taking a case to court can be stressful and expensive so it is important you get legal advice about your chances of success and whether there are alternatives. Unless your issue is urgent, such as being in danger of losing your home, your children or your job, the court will expect you to have tried to settle your dispute before taking legal action.

However straightforward your case might appear to you, unless you are taking it to the small claims court, you should get the advice and support of a lawyer. This is because there are strict time limits for bringing cases to court, as well as a number of rules and procedures you have to follow. Your case may not get off the ground or you may be penalised if you haven’t adhered to these properly.

We have solicitors who are experts in bringing cases to court where there is no alternative. These litigators will be able to advise you on the best course of action and the likely outcome and help you decide how to fund your case. They will vigorously fight your corner and, where suitable, will aim to settle your case before it comes to court. You can be sure you will be in safe hands.

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