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About Gary

Gary, a native New Yorker and Harvard Law School graduate, opened Ferman Law's original headquarters in London, England, in 1981.  Gary worked there for over three decades before relocating to the US.   

For many years, Gary wrote a monthly column on legal matters and immigration issues for the local expatriate community in England in independent newspapers under the by-line "Only in America." His articles on immigration and other legal topics also appeared in "Going USA".  He has been an American Legal Affairs Commentator in England and has appeared on the BBC and Channel 5 television and Talk Radio.  Gary has lectured extensively in the United Kingdom, Austria, France and the United States on U.S. immigration.

Gary was a founding member of the American Immigration Law Association's (AILA) first chapter outside North America, the AILA Rome District Chapter, and the first Treasurer of such chapter.

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About their firm

Ferman Law are a boutique immigration firm specialised in US immigration matters and international estate administration for US citizens and permanent residents. Ferman Law also regularly advises and represents clients on matters involving U.S. business law, taxation, estate planning and estate administration. The depth and breadth of Ferman Law's experience in each area of practice affects work in the other areas allow them to advice clients on, for example, the tax and immigration implications of starting a business in the United States. Ferman Law's clientele ranges from American expatriates living in the U.K. to businesses and individuals from the U.K., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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