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Herman Santiago

Nabas Legal

Location London

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Nabas International Lawyers is a practice recognised in the United Kingdom for its in-depth knowledge and experience in legal issues, immigration, conveyancing and commercial (company) law management. Working closely with individual and small to medium size businesses Nabas International acts as a manager in legal and management issues domestically and internationally.

The Nabas International team is a collective and collaborative team of professionals acting in several areas of expertise with each member of the firm bringing professional experience and expertise from past employment at legal firms, financial institutions and various other industries. Knowledge in such diverse areas ensures our clients that a team of highly qualified and confident specialists are exercising proper care and are prudent regarding their affairs.

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About their firm

Nabas International Lawyers is a multi-service law firm serving businesses and individuals with legal and professional services on domestic and international matters. Specialist advice from our team bring resolve to sensitive matters requiring both privacy and expedience with the ability to tackle complex management and personal issues. As a firm we work collectively with you to best serve your interest. Nabas International Lawyers is a trading company of Cubism Law, duly qualified law firm giving our clients and us a strong platform to provide specialist services and professional support

Our practice areas are divided within two scopes, Business and Individual affairs. Business affairs are tailored to business related services involving commercial and corporate legal issues for small businesses to corporates. With Invidiual affairs , clients have personal issues to be tackled and require our representation. Of course it is common for the business and individual client needs to intertwene. We are able to analyze and contribute to the resolution process.