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About Iain

I established Radius Law in September 2013 so am a business owner and a lawyer. I believe that the dual experience of business person and lawyer makes me ideally placed to help other businesses.

When establishing Radius Law we knew that a common complaint about lawyers is that they often spend too much time on technical legal issues that do not matter rather than the important commercial issues. We are determined that Radius lawyers will not make this mistake.

Since establishing Radius Law I have assisted many businesses from start-ups to global corporations with commercial contract matters. These include: (1) franchise & distribution agreements; (2) share and asset sales; (3) supplier and sales terms and (4) e-commerce and web-site terms.

Prior to establishing Radius Law, I was employed by Mercedes-Benz UK Group as their Chief Legal and Compliance officer. As you may be aware Mercedes-Benz operates a large distribution model so much of my time was spent advising on this system.

About their firm

Radius Law's mission is:
• To be the most commercially savvy. We believe this is often the missing x factor with professional services. When we advise we’ll ‘nail our colours to the mast’ and say what we’d do if our name was above the door.
• To be inexpensive and at least 30% less than the competition. We get that it’s not just about cost but equally believe it’s insincere to suggest cost is not important.
• Technical expertise to match the best law firms.
• To continually innovate how we deliver legal services.
• To have integrity at the heart of everything we do. We debated about this one. Should it just be a 'hygiene factor' and so obvious that it does not need a mention? We think it's good to remind ourselves every day.

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from 4 reviews
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Customer Reviews

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by Alix on 21 Jun, 2016

I am happy with every aspect of the service I received. Professional and also personable. Iain and his team took time to explain the details to me. I felt very comfortable working with Radius Law and i'm sure I will use them again in the future.

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by Jenny on 28 Apr, 2016
  • Hired Iain for: asset purchase agreement
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

I am very pleased with the level of service provided by Iain Larkins, of Radius Law, in producing an Asset Purchase Agreement for the purchase of a small business. He has always responded promptly to my queries, and has provided a comprehensive contract.

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by Richard on 5 Apr, 2016
  • Hired Iain for: share purchase agreement
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

Excellent would recommend to anyone

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by Katy on 18 Jan, 2016

We engaged with Iain to assist with arranging a complex shareholder agreement. He was an amazing resource and delivered everything on time. With his help things seemed to be less stressful !! Would highly recommend.