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Matthew Jury

McCue & Partners

Location London, UK

About Matthew

Matthew Jury is the Managing and Founding partner of McCue & Partners LLP and is licensed to practice as both a solicitor of England and Wales and attorney-at-law (New York). In 2013, he was shortlisted for the Law Society of England & Wales’ Solicitor of the Year for his contribution to public-interest law and human rights. He is a member of the Law Society's Civil Justice Committee.

He is an expert in dispute resolution, litigation, public international law, domestic and international human rights law and campaign management and has a wide-ranging academic background in international humanitarian law and its frameworks, constitutional law and practice, and criminal justice. He has extensive experience in the management and gathering of complex evidence as well as practical hands-on knowledge of innocence and mitigation investigation.

He has repeatedly received praise from the Legal 500, including for his ‘amazing international knowledge’, and was named a Times’ ‘Lawyer of the Week’ for his carriage of Breslin & Ors v Murphy & Daly, the successful civil retrial of two members of the Real IRA for the 1998 bombing of Omagh in the Belfast High Court. Matthew’s clients include hundreds of victims of terrorism worldwide and he has represented them in a number of groundbreaking civil prosecutions against the perpetrators, supporters and financiers of global terrorism, including the Real IRA, HAMAS and Muammar Gaddafi.

Legal highlights include: Justice for the Juba Four (2014) – a civil society campaign seeking freedom for four political prisoners in South Sudan; Phone Hacking Victims v News Group Newspapers (2013-2014) – achieved settlements for victims of phone hacking by News International; Dahabshill v. HM Treasury (2013) – acted on behalf of Dahabshiil’s clients to engage with HMG regarding those clients’ rights in respect of money remittance; Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Kevin Maxwell (2013) – represented Kevin Maxwell in his claims of harassment and discrimination against the Metropolitan Police; Breslin & Ors v Murphy & Daly – the successful civil retrial of two members of the Real IRA for the 1998 bombing of Omagh (2013); Belarus (2012) – prepared the prosecution of dictator Alexander Lukashenko which assisted in the release of political prisoners; McDonald v The Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahirya (2006-2008) – represented hundreds of victims of IRA terrorism sponsored by Muammar al-Gaddafi.

About their firm

McCue & Partners LLP is an internationally recognised dispute resolution, litigation, human rights, international affairs and public interest law firm. It is known for its expertise in public interest litigation, international law and human rights, transitional justice and conflict/dispute resolution and cross-border asset recovery.

The firm has become a valued and confidential adviser to public and private sector clients – whether government (or opposition), international bodies (eg UN/AU), NGOs, corporates or individuals – on legal, justice, geo-political, commercial and private matters.

Discreet, efficient and focused, McCue & Partners is able to see the bigger picture and tailor advice towards clients’ specific aims and solutions.

The firm represents victims of terrorism and state action, negligence, crime and corporate malfeasance worldwide in the courts, civil actions and arbitration, through innovative civil actions, as well as through negotiation and arbitration. It is expert in the gathering and analysis of complex evidence, multi-jurisdictional litigation, questions of immunity, international law, asset tracing and recovery.

Jason McCue (The Law Society of England & Wales’ Solicitor of the Year 2009-10) and Matthew Jury (shortlisted for the Law Society’s 2013 Solicitor of the Year) founded McCue & Partners in 2011, following the end of H2O Law LLP (founded by Mr McCue in the 90s and where the team had been consistently recognised in The Legal 500 and Chambers as leaders in their field) in order to focus on public interest work. In 2014, Courtenay Barklem, who was previously head of the Law Society’s human rights programme, joined them as a partner.

The firm has developed a network of renowned expert consultants in its areas of practice, as well as in the private security and intelligence sectors. This grants it a unique vision and broad capability for the benefit of its clients.

The firm is known for taking on difficult public interest cases on behalf of its clients. Cases against governments, rogue regimes, human rights abusers, terrorists/terrorist organisations (sponsors and financiers), and corporate malpractice and criminality have been fought and won around the world. McCue & Partners’ present and former clients include: political prisoners in, most recently, Ukraine (including Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister), Belarus (including Andrei Sannikov, opposition presidential candidate in the 2010 elections) and South Sudan (Pagan Amum); victims of terrorism worldwide (in cases against, inter alia, the Real IRA, HAMAS and Muammar al-Gaddafi); victims of racism, harassment and discrimination by the Metropolitan Police; victims of News International phone hacking; whistleblowers against corporate malpractice and criminality; and UK prisoners abroad throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Areas of expertise