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About Saul

I am dedicated solicitor with 30 years’ experience and am committed to working for natural justice and individual rights. I work hard to further my clients’ objectives.

Our firm was established in May 1999 and we are a friendly practice with a tight team that ensures that client's needs are looked after and not delegated to unqualified members of staff. .We always strive to look after clients needs the result  being that clients like to instruct us on other matters

I was brought up in South Africa, moved to Israel, where I studied law and then UK where I completed my study. This has given me a global perspective and outlook to life and I have developed an understanding of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in sports, in general and have been an active cricketer, play golf and also played international hockey. I believe that sport has given me a sense of camaraderie and being a team player; qualities I have brought into the workplace. I mix well with others, though maintain a competitive edge when necessary and always remain focused on achieving my goals.

I am passionate about music in general and sing in an all-male choir, that has an international status. I have sung on stage in Florida, Gibraltar, Norway and the Netherlands. This part of my life means I am used to being “on show”, a challenge I rise to. It is my pleasure to entertain people.

• Property dispute
• Mediation
• Conflict resolution
• Property litigation
• Landlord and tenant
• Insurance claims

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About their firm

I supervise and manage the practice which specialises in litigation, property & conveyancing and employment law. We offer a mediation and conflict resolution service aiming to meet our clients’ needs and requirements, keeping them out of court and costly disputes wherever possible.