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Amit Sharma

Solve, the Business Lawyers

Location Central London


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About Amit

I am a former law firm managing partner who is a freelance consultant solicitor for several other law firms in association with my consultancy. My main area of expertise is commercial property, commercial contracts drafting and review, and commercial mediation assistance. Do note that if you choose me, I may carry out legal services at other law firms because I may require admin and accounts dept support firms but rest assured it will be myself doing the work and I will be the sole contact.

I love speaking to prospective clients who want to build a long term relationship with a lawyer and I am the go to lawyer for a number of high profile clients. Money is not my primary objective and thankfully I am not under any fiscal pressure or billing targets. If you are looking for someone different - then please get in touch. Please be respectful of my time and particular where I might be asked to quickly look at a document and these circumstances I will expect some payment to cover the time if you instruct someone else (I think it is fair don't you?) - we are unable to provide any advice of any kind until we have been hired.

I also need to caution you about fee expectations, while some clients might be looking at the lowest fee, please understand that the lower the fees, the more cases a lawyer has to take on to make a living which means the lawyer comes under a case volume pressure and stress. Case pressure means mistakes can happen or the lawyers become difficult to reach. I aim to provide a Roll Royce service for all my clients.

I am also happy to connect on

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We are Solve, The Business Lawyers, a dispute resolution and specialist commercial law consultancy in central London. We advise many SME businesses and start ups on their legal needs. A fully independent business with commercial outlook and affordable fixed fees with speed and efficiency. We are happy to have a no obligation chat to see if we are the right lawyers for you and we will even give you alternative options if your budget is very strict. Please give us a call by asking LEXOO to introduce you to us. Please note that we do not deal with intermediaries (who sell or do not re-sell our services) and we only want to deal with clients directly. 


from 12 reviews
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Customer Reviews

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by Paul on 24 Aug, 2018

Went very well thanks Paul

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by Karen on 6 Aug, 2018

Amit has been helpful, quick to respond and professional. I have used him twice now and will do so again.

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by Hassan on 23 Nov, 2017

Thank you Amit.

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by Camille on 5 Nov, 2017

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by Andrew on 15 Jul, 2016

Amit responded quickly and the work was top notch. Will use his services use again.

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by Silvina on 11 Jun, 2016
  • Hired Amit for: pre-court action
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

I was very pleased with Amit and his counsel. My issue required some 'street-smartness' and not just pure legal advice. And he delivered in both fronts. As a trained lawyer in another country I want to believe I am qualified to spot a good lawyer. Will use Amit and will recommend Amit happily.

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by Siavash on 18 Apr, 2016
  • Hired Amit for: Other
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

5 star service

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by Tim on 8 Mar, 2016

Amit provided an excellent, professional service and was very quick dealing with all requests.

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by Jack on 5 Mar, 2016
  • Hired Amit for: confidentiality agreement (NDA)
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

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by Stephanie on 29 Feb, 2016
  • Hired Amit for: landlord/tenant
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

Amit was very professional, he gave good advice.

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by Anne on 19 Aug, 2015
  • Hired Amit for: landlord/tenant
  • Verified client Verified Lexoo client

He was excellent and informative. Due to his expertise I have the outcome I wanted and would definitely recommend Amit.

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by Dervin on 25 Jun, 2015

Good value for money, fast and reliable service