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Commercial Solicitors

Finding a great commercial solicitor is hard. A solicitor who's a specialist in their field, super responsive and affordable? Sounds almost unattainable. While friends and contacts might send you names, it’s difficult to tell which lawyers are most suited to your needs, and whether their fees represent good value.

Solicitors at big brand, commercial law firms are expensive. But you don’t want to skimp on quality. Surely there’s something in between? So like many business owners and managers, you’ll turn to the internet and spend countless hours trawling through search results for the right solicitor.

The thing is, the perfect commercial solicitor at the right price does exist. And we’ve done our best to find them for you, by curating a panel of specialised solicitors, who work on low overheads in boutique or ‘virtual firms’. Those savings are passed on to you, and because they work on fixed fees, you’ll always know the price upfront.

Simply post your legal requirements with Lexoo and we’ll handpick the most suitable solicitors to get you multiple quotes within 24 hours, for free.

“Very impressed with the quality and speed of turnaround of my request for legal quotes. I liked the fact that the firms were pre-screened and all of the responses met the requirements saving me hours of leg-work trying to find suitable partners for this task.”

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Popular legal services

Lexoo focuses on unearthing the best commercial solicitors for your business, dealing with all areas of commercial law, from shareholders agreements to buying commercial property. We’ve helped 3,500+ entrepreneurs and businesses like yours get their legals sorted. Here are some popular legal services:

Commercial leases

Every growing business needs a place to call home. Whether it’s an office, a shop, a restaurant or warehouse, you’ll need to get a commercial lease in place. It’s one of the most common legal jobs we see here at Lexoo and prices range between £750 to £1,000 for straightforward leases for smaller tenancies. For larger, longer term office leases that need more negotiation, quotes typically range from £3,750 to £6,000 plus government fees and taxes. You can learn more about how to negotiate your lease and get tips on selecting a commercial property solicitor here.

Buying or selling commercial property

There’s a lot at stake when buying or selling commercial property. Lots of money, red tape and complexity and no shortage of issues that can derail your transaction. Whether it’s dealing with planning permission, licences, environmental issues, finance or taxation - a good commercial property solicitor will help you stay the course.

Asset purchase agreements

When buying a business, most buyers prefer to cherry pick the assets they want, rather than purchasing the underlying shares of the company, which means taking on the whole company, warts and all. This is where an asset purchase agreement comes into play. On the buyer’s side, a commercial solicitor will generally prepare the first cut, describing the assets being bought, such as machinery, stock, customer/supplier contracts, premises and intellectual property. When there’s property in the mix, things can get complicated and dealing with landlord issues can cause delays if not dealt with properly.

Contract disputes

Businesses need legal advice on average four times a year. Unfortunately that sometimes means dealing with contract disputes. Whether it’s with a customer, supplier or even an employee, a good commercial solicitor will first try to settle a dispute. But sometimes there’s no other option than to take the matter to court. The first steps often involve a pre-action letter, but from there the process (and complexities) will depend on the type of dispute and the money at stake. Look for specialist solicitors in your sector or those that have experience litigating similar types of contracts. Or let us find them for you! Read more about commercial litigation solicitors.

Terms and conditions

Every website, app or software product needs a set of terms and conditions. Your users are generally bound by the T&Cs simply by using your service, and as a service provider you’ll want maximum protection. The thing is, T&Cs can range from simple, standard terms for ‘information-only’ websites to complex rules governing buyers and sellers in highly regulated sectors, such as FinTech or medical applications. A commercial lawyer who’s experienced in writing terms and conditions in your industry or sector will give you peace of mind that your business is underpinned by a set of terms that give you the best protection. You can learn more about how to protect your online business here.

Why you'll love Lexoo

Top tips on hiring a commercial solicitor

Find a specialist

Ever come across a solicitor claiming to take care of all your legal needs? They’ll do shareholder agreements, employment contracts, intellectual property, website terms and conditions and tier 2 sponsor visas. This is a huge red flag. Nobody can specialise in all those things at the same time.

For example: if you need terms and conditions for your mobile application, there are lawyers who do this day in, day out. Not only will they know what protections to include, but they’ll also know the exact requirements for iTunes and Google Play to minimise the chances of your app being rejected. A generalist contract lawyer will need to spend a tonne of time (i.e. your money) researching these requirements, or at worst will dive in and risk getting it wrong. Save yourself the hassle, drill down and find a specialist.

Ask for a fixed quote

The trouble with lawyers charging by the hour is that it rewards time spent. The more hours billed, the better for them. If a mediocre commercial lawyer spends a day on a task – one that takes a great commercial lawyer only two hours to complete – the mediocre lawyer gets rewarded and the client loses out.

Agreeing fixed fees for specific deliverables gives you certainty. And it allows you to ask questions and learn about the details without fear of being ‘on the clock’ for additional fees. If a lawyer insists on hourly billing due to the particular nature of the work, make sure they can demonstrate how and why it benefits you.

Budget for disbursements

A lot of legal jobs involve costs for things that are not strictly ‘professional fees’ or ultimately charged by your solicitor. Things like government charges, court filing fees, search fees, duties and taxes or even barrister fees are called ‘disbursements’, and they can add up! Always ask your solicitor for an estimate of disbursements so you can plan your budget and avoid any nasty surprises.

Don’t pay to train up the juniors

In large commercial law firms that bill by the hour, junior lawyers or trainees will often ‘learn on your dime’. Many solicitors will remember their early years being charged out at eye watering rates, despite having next to no knowledge or experience. Their clients were effectively paying to train them up!

Delegating work to juniors makes sense in some circumstances, such as basic research, due diligence or litigation ‘discovery’ tasks. Ask your lawyer: exactly who will do your work? If juniors will be involved, get them to show you how the economics stack up in your favour.

For even more tips, check out our free eBook ‘Lawyer Up - An entrepreneur’s guide to working with lawyers’.

“Was in dire straits and in search for immediate legal representation on a commercial lease agreement, contacted over a dozen solicitors both online and and in person, got over a dozen annoying responses / quotes. Found Lexoo, filled out a simple form online stating what I wanted at 3pm and by 3:27pm I was paired with a high profile solicitor who established communication immediately and got the ball rolling straight away, oh and his price was the best most affordable I had received.”

What our customers say

"I've always felt that a model like Lexoo's should work in legal. Lexoo enables us to connect with smart, effective lawyers that we wouldn't have been connected to before, and that absolutely helps our team achieve what we want to achieve."

Andrew Magowan

General Counsel

“Sometimes the legal world can be fairly overwhelming but Lexoo helped us to find the lawyer we needed, quickly and easily. Lexoo presented us with a selection of high calibre legal professionals who had the relevant skill sets.”

Lambro Anastasiou

Head of Finance

“Lexoo is a great way to source and engage quality lawyers, worldwide. We have used Lexoo for a variety of work, from getting quotes for one-off pieces of advice to helping us take on a 12 month maternity leave cover. Highly recommended!”

Katherine Chandler

General Counsel, EMEA

“Lexoo's impressive service allows our team to quickly find and work with quality lawyers in foreign jurisdictions without having to rely on international firms and their associated costs. Highly recommended!”

Sam Ross

Head of Legal

Lexoo offer a range of lawyers with different expertise in different geographies. We have used Lexoo for wide-ranging jobs e.g. Czech finance agreements, Colorado law employment matters, to California law corporate work, all at incredible rates compared to larger firms.

Alex Hoye


“I head up the legal team at babylon, and we’ve been using Lexoo to find lawyers for different areas of law including employment and data protection. We received quotes from sole practitioners, boutique firms and larger outfits, allowing us to find the right lawyer for our needs.”

Henry Bennett

Head of Legal

“An efficient, flexible solution for in-house lawyers. Lexoo quickly found us external support to help with our increasing workload. We were quickly matched with an ex-magic circle lawyer with tech experience. Great service!”

Francesca John

Senior Legal Counsel

“I have used Lexoo for ad hoc legal queries and have found their network of lawyers to be reliable and cost-effective."

James Paterson

Group Counsel

“I placed an enquiry on Lexoo, including a brief overview of our legal matter. Very quickly I received detailed quotes from three commercial property specialists. I was impressed with each lawyer’s credentials and felt confident that I would be in safe hands.”

Sarah Wiseby

Administrative Director

“As General Counsel of a regulated financial technology company I regularly rely on external counsel. The Lexoo lawyer we were introduced to is highly experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and within reach of our budget.”

Dorothy Delahunt

General Counsel

“Lexoo is an excellent resource for cost-conscious in-house legal teams. We rely on them for quick and effective introductions to high quality specialist lawyers.”

Julia Tarvin

General Counsel

“Lexoo saved us a lot of time and money. It gave me peace of mind knowing that Lexoo would only let specialised solicitors quote. Seeing multiple quotes gave me a real idea of what the normal price range is."

Evgeny Shadchnev

Founder and CEO

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