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FinTech Law

The UK FinTech industry is fast becoming the #1 destination for disruptive innovation in financial services. Home to billion-dollar startups, challenger banks and a progressive regulatory regime, UK FinTech is having its moment in the sun.

Whether you’re a startup seeking a banking licence, a peer-to-peer lender applying for FCA authorisation or an online trading platform struggling with the complexities of financial services regulation, having a good FinTech lawyer on board is crucial.

At Lexoo, we’ve curated a panel of lawyers who specialise in FinTech law. Whether you need a full service firm; an independent lawyer or ‘virtual’ firm with lower overheads and reduced fees - we’ve got you covered. We’ll find you specialists in any type of FinTech matter such as mobile payments, eBanking, crowdfunding, money transfers and cryptocurrencies.

Simply tell us your requirements and you’ll get multiple, fixed-fee quotes within 24 hours from a selection of FinTech lawyers, handpicked to suit your needs. The service is 100% free - give us a try.


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eCommerce and Payments

Angel and seed investing can be an exhilarating rollercoaster ride for both startups and investors. But the thrill of backing (or being) the next billion-dollar unicorn is a high-risk game, with many potential pitfalls.They say “cash is king”, but the rapid advance of internet-powered eCommerce and online payments is only gaining momentum. Whether your business involves mobile payments, eMoney, online foreign exchange / money transfer platforms or online retailing, the opportunities are seemingly endless. However, there’s also a minefield of eCommerce and payment regulations to comply with too.

At Lexoo we’ve handpicked a selection of FinTech lawyers who are experienced in eCommerce and electronic payments to provide you with the peace of mind you and your customers need.

Online Banking and Crowdfunding

The growth in crowdfunding and bypassing of traditional banking in favour of peer-to-peer (P2P) financing offers many opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to become involved in lending in a new way. This new sector has fast become a standard way of raising funds and provided the correct legal frameworks are in place will benefit both borrowers and lenders.

Lexoo’s experienced FinTech lawyers can advise on all aspects of crowdfunding and P2P lending. They can also advise on how to protect your position in the areas of eBanking, online lending, card services, direct debit payments, banking licensing and FCA Authorisation.

Online Trading and Wealth Management

The number of online share trading and wealth management platforms has risen sharply in recent years. They offer many advantages over traditional offline outfits including lower overheads, lower minimum investment levels, low-cost computerised asset management and robo-advisors (or Bots) making stock selections based on investment algorithms.

To help you take advantage of the benefits of online investments, stockbroking, wealth management and inheritance planning, Lexoo’s FinTech lawyers are able to offer advice and assistance where needed. Simply tell us your requirements and you’ll receive multiple, fixed-fee quotes within 24 hours from a selection of FinTech lawyers. The quotes are 100% free so why not ask about the services available.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Understanding and being able to operate in the complex world of alternative digital currencies offers many advantages. As more people understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the more widely they are being used. As a payment platform, exchange mechanism or as a place to hold funds, cryptocurrences are here to stay.

At Lexoo we have a range of lawyers who understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, blockchain and related platform technologies and know they can be used to your advantage. Let us have details of the advice you require and we’ll offer a selection of FinTech lawyers for you to choose from.

FCA Authorisation

Businesses, companies or individuals who carry out regulated business in the UK must be authorised or registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), even where such firms are not based in the UK. The rapid growth of FinTech firms means that the FCA are looking hard at this sector. It makes sense to ensure compliance with their requirements right from the start, building good regulatory practice into your business.

Lexoo lawyers can help with applications for FCA authorisation or registration, obtaining Part 4A permissions, compliance with FCA regulations, due diligence and ensuring all threshold conditions are met.

Failure to comply with legislation in this area can result in fines, continuing FCA scrutiny and criminal penalties. To avoid mistakes, engage a reputable expert Lexoo lawyer to guide you through this essential area.

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Need a FinTech Lawyer?

At Lexoo, we’ve curated a panel of lawyers who specialise in FinTech law. Whether you need a full service firm; an independent lawyer or ‘virtual’ firm with lower overheads and reduced fees - we’ve got you covered.

Simply tell us your requirements and you’ll get multiple, fixed-fee quotes within 24 hours from a selection of FinTech lawyers, handpicked to suit your needs. The service is 100% free - give us a try.

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