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What is Lexoo?

Lexoo is the leading global curated legal marketplace. Lexoo launched in 2014 and is headquartered in London.

What type of service is Lexoo?

We are not a referral site or job board. We do not charge lawyers a fee to join our network or submit proposals through the platform. The lawyers on our platform are independent lawyers or lawyers working in boutique or mid-size firms. As such, we do not provide liability insurance. Our role is to pre-select high-quality lawyers to put forward to our clients, and we charge a fee for any legal work billed to a client introduced through the platform.

How does Lexoo work?

  • Clients submit detailed requests for their legal needs on our website or directly to our Business Development team. We work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements.
  • Lexoo then allocates the best suited lawyers to the enquiry using a combination of our matching algorithm and our legally-trained operations team’s understanding of the client and our lawyers’ expertise.
  • We work with the lawyers to prepare their profiles and proposals in response to the client’s request. We build our network out like a top-tier international law firm and aim to cover the full range of business and commercial legal areas.
  • The proposals are then submitted to the client for review, after which the client can engage directly with the lawyer(s) of their choice through the dashboard’s messaging system. Clients often request a no-obligation introductory call prior to engaging counsel.
  • The client can request to hire the lawyer through their account. The lawyer will then prepare and send their terms of engagement through their Lexoo account, and send to the client for signature. Upon engagement, the client-lawyer relationship is direct and confidential, with Lexoo remaining involved for billing and payment.

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2. Create a proposal

Prepare a quote specific to
the client's legal needs

3. Engage with the client

Discuss your proposal in more
detail when clients reach out

4. Send terms of engagement

Securely handle terms and
payment online through Lexoo

What services do we provide to Lexoo clients?

Lexoo is a full-service solution for external legal support.

We provide support in the full range of business and commercial legal matters for corporate clients. We assist with the following:

  • One-off legal projects: Whether it’s an NDA review, localisation of T&Cs, or a large M&A transaction, Lexoo’s global legal marketplace is a genuine alternative to international law firms for standalone projects in the UK and across numerous jurisdictions globally (for example, GDPR reviews, M&A transactions)
  • Ongoing external legal work: We help in-house legal teams manage projects by introducing them to external lawyers who can handle a regular stream of work (for example, regular contract reviews & negotiation of NDAs, ISDAs & software agreements)
  • On and off-site interim lawyers: We help source interim solutions who can work in office or remotely. We can assist with part-time and leave covers, as well as full-time placements.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are corporate legal departments and in-house legal teams from a wide range of industries at businesses ranging from funded startups to FTSE 100 companies. Previous clients include VICE, Asos, WorldRemit, Babylon Health, and Makers Academy.

What types of lawyers are in the Lexoo network?

The Lexoo network includes solo and boutique firm practitioners, as well as freelance lawyers, all of whom are qualified to practice in their respective jurisdictions. Lexoo also works with mid-size and large firms on a case-by-case basis.

Lexoo lawyers have:

  • City firm and in-house backgrounds
  • Represented FTSE 100 and high-growth companies as both in-house and outside counsel

Are there any fees involved in joining Lexoo?

  • There are no fees for lawyers to join the platform and respond to requests from Lexoo clients
  • Lexoo charges lawyers a marketing commission of 15% of all legal fees billed to a client introduced via the platform on an ongoing basis. If you practice in a country in which the regulatory body does not permit fee-sharing between lawyers and non-lawyers, we require you to provide a Lexoo-exclusive discount on your legal fees, and the client will be billed directly for all fees.
  • For more details, please email

What are the requirements to join the Lexoo network?

  1. You must have a clear professional record
  2. You must have at least 4 years PQE
  3. You must carry liability insurance of minimum £500,000 or procure it prior to being set up with a Lexoo profile (Lexoo can provide a recommendation to our partner provider upon request).
  4. Upon joining, lawyers must use Lexoo billing software to invoice clients.

What is the vetting process for new lawyers?

Lexoo is dedicated to curating a network of highly qualified, professional and experienced lawyers. All applicants to our network undergo a vetting process before we onboard to the platform.

This process includes:

  1. Application screening
  2. A phone interview
  3. Professional record check

How do I join?

If you'd like to join Lexoo’s Legal Network, please start by submitting our application. We will review the details and if there is an initial fit, we’ll be in touch to schedule an initial conversation.

Further questions? Feel free to drop as an email to

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