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Technology and the Law

Every day, new technology emerges that aims to disrupt the status quo. We are more connected and networked than ever before, and our lives are as much digital as they are physical. While lawmakers struggle to keep up, technologists need to navigate an ever-changing set of laws and regulations. Whether you’re an online business, digital agency, tech startup, ecommerce store, or cyber-security firm, having a knowledgeable legal adviser to help you stay on track is a no-brainer.

At Lexoo, we’ve curated a panel of lawyers who specialise in internet law, privacy law and data protection practices. Whether you need a full-service firm; an independent lawyer or ‘virtual’ firm with lower overheads and reduced fees - we’ve got you covered. We’ll find you specialists on any technology-related legal matter such as online terms and conditions, GDPR compliance, ecommerce regulations, IT contracts and software licences.

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Internet Law

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier, faster or cheaper to start an online business, build a community or talk to your stakeholders. Whether you’re an established business or a technology startup, government body or non-profit, your online footprint is governed by several sets of laws and regulations.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and organisations find specialist internet lawyers to assist with their online terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies, as well as with issues such as domain transfers, cybersquatting, user-generated content (UGC), ecommerce and distance selling regulations.

Privacy and Data Protection

If your website, SaaS product, mobile app, gaming console (any internet-enabled device really) has a login, signs up users or takes payments, chances are you’re dealing with personal information. And with that comes privacy and data protection issues. You might read about headlining data breaches in the news, but in reality, privacy and data protection affects businesses and organisations of all sizes and varieties.

If you want to know more about your privacy and data protection obligations, in particular how to comply with the Data Protection Act, send us your requirements and we’ll get you multiple quotes from specialist privacy and data protection lawyers within 24 hours.

Navigating GDPR Compliance

The GDPR comes into law from May 2018 and is set to profoundly alter the way businesses manage and structure their customer and employee data - whether located in the EU or not. Essentially, the GDPR will introduce new accountability obligations and stronger restrictions on the flow of private data of EU citizens.

The new framework is ambitious, complex and strict, and while small and medium-sized businesses may consider this just another administrative burden, ignoring the GDPR could have costly repercussions. Fines for noncompliance will be up to 4% of annual turnover or €20m, whichever is greater.

Getting GDPR Advice

Don’t worry, achieving compliance doesn’t need to be time-consuming or costly, but it is likely to span some months, so businesses need to seek legal advice and act now. Lexoo's legal marketplace is ideally positioned to connect you with the cost-effective legal specialists to clarify the manner GDPR will affect your data processing systems and overall operations.

Given the fact that many organisations are unaware of where to start with GDPR compliance, the Lexoo team has been trained to help you shape your initial submission and guide you through the tendering process step-by-step after that. Find out more about GDPR and how your business could be affected here today.

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Meet one of Lexoo's Data Protection Lawyers, Marcus

Marcus andreen

Marcus is a Commercial lawyer with more than 20 years’ in-house and private practice experience in providing support and advice to businesses in the IT, telecoms, e-commerce and communications sectors. Since 2005 seven of his clients have been listed in the TechTrack 100. He set up his own practice in 2004, offering SMEs and entrepreneurs a cost-effective, outsourced, in-house counsel-type service. Between 2000 and 2003, he worked as General Counsel and Company Secretary for Eyretel plc, a UK-listed supplier of digital recording solutions (now part of Verint Systems). Prior to that he was Commercial and Legal Director for Mobile Systems International Limited (MSI) and as Legal & Commercial Manager for Synon. He trained at Ashurst then worked as a corporate/commercial solicitor in the City before joining Synon.

"Marcus has been a great help in ensuring that our legal work is completed in a timely, efficient and commercial manner.” - Home Alarm Tech Manufacturer

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