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Online terms and conditions set out your agreement with your customers, users and suppliers. They can range from simple, standard terms for ‘information-only’ websites to complex e-commerce rules governing buyers and sellers in a highly regulated sector.

There are hundreds of templates freely available on the internet, but which one is right for you? You can spend countless hours trawling through search results for the right one, or navigating “Q&A” forms to generate a ‘customised’ document. You might save some money upfront, but will you be confident that your business is protected? Will it end up costing you more down the track? Will your investors be satisfied that you’ve got your bases covered?

You can stop the endless search for an uncertain outcome and let Lexoo help you save time and money by getting you multiple quotes from hand-picked solicitors to write your terms and conditions to match your business needs. All our solicitors are insured, giving you peace of mind that your business is underpinned by binding terms and conditions that give you the right, tailored protection.

“Prior to contacting Lexoo I had spent hours unsuccessfully trawling the internet looking for the right service, but Lexoo found a suitable solicitor willing to take on this work just hours after our initial inquiry.”
- Carolyn Harry, RPC Services Ltd (Lancashire)

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What type of business are you?

Lexoo solicitors have written terms and conditions for many different types of online businesses, websites and apps. Here’s a snapshot:

“I’m about to launch an online hotel booking agency, which will operate in the UK and France. Hotels will advertise their rooms and customers will select their favourite hotel and pay through our site. I need website terms and conditions for our customers and terms and conditions for the hotels that sign up to be our suppliers. I want to limit my liability just to arranging the booking and taking the booking fee.”

*This is a fictional, but typical type of enquiry we’ve been able to help with

What rules apply to you?

Your business might operate in a highly regulated sector or in a way that falls within particular legal regimes. Here are some common areas of expertise that our solicitors can advise you on:

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How much can you expect to pay?

Although prices can vary greatly, we’ve seen hundreds of enquiries for terms and conditions come through Lexoo, and the fixed-fee quotes we’ve typically seen range between £300 to £1,250. The lower-end quotes tend to cover straightforward tried-and-tested business models with stable legal rules, such as an online clothes shop. The higher end quotes deal with more disruptive businesses covering new ground or businesses that operate in a legal ‘minefield’, such as FinTech or the employment sector.

Top tips to create water-tight terms and conditions:

If you're looking for more information on the topic, check out our frequently asked questions on terms and conditions.

And finally, make sure your solicitor has professional indemnity insurance. That way, you can rest easy that your business is fully protected.

All the solicitors on Lexoo are not only fully insured, but have been hand-picked by us to make sure you get the right expertise for your legal needs.

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