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Small Business Lawyers

When you're running a business, you can't afford to waste time. Yet when it comes to legally protecting your business through legal agreements, you do need to do your research. It’s crucial that you deal with a lawyer who is not only experienced but also understands your unique business needs.

You could spend hours trying to find that lawyer or you could let us do the search for you. At Lexoo, we aim to find you the right lawyer as quickly, conveniently and confidently as possible.

You post your job on the site, we send out your job to our hand-picked community of vetted lawyers, then we choose several who best fit your case and budget. You receive multiple fixed-fee quotes from qualified and insured lawyers, for free.

“A super easy way to get legal quotes.”
- Nick Pelly-Fry, Grand Design Blinds Ltd

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We help your business find the lawyer who specialises in the field you need help with.

This is how we helped a small but growing London-based engagement ring company, RarePink, as their CEO Nikolay Piriankov explains.

Nikolay piriankov

"We create one of a kind, bespoke engagement rings for our customers. We're at that stage where we’re moving away from a startup to being a growing small business, and with that transition you've got a couple of regulatory and admin things that you really should be taking care of, especially around protecting intellectual property, and putting in contracts.

We felt confident that it was the right time to stop constructing our legals through downloading a template and actually get professional advice.

The risk now is higher in terms of making potentially a mistake and committing to or not committing to something that would have protected us. There’s a bit more pressure now to make the right decisions and that's when you really do want to get quality legal support.

We used Lexoo because we wanted to protect our trademark, our brand, and we were looking for European wide protection. What I liked is how Lexoo gets their lawyers to specify their category - each lawyer can only put themselves forward for the area they are most suitable, most qualified, or have the best track record in. This ensures quality.

We were looking for someone who does trademarks and when we found one on Lexoo we were like, "Okay, that's great. Then we're using an expert.

The ability to compare quotes makes us feel confident that we're getting a good deal. That's super time saving, because I could also do that, but I won't have the vetting and I will have to email backwards and forwards with five different companies to get the quotes.

Generally, lawyers are also not always so upfront with a quote. Most of the time when I've engaged with lawyers in the past it's like, "Well why don't you come in and we can have a chat." I'm like, "Ah, that's great, but what if you come back and tell me that you're 5 times better than we'd like to afford and all of that time is wasted? The lawyers like starting out with a meeting before quoting because they’re building the relationship but from our point of view we're not really that excited about the relationship as they are. We're more keen on getting the work done."

Obviously if we build a relationship, that's something we know we can come back to, but right now all I want to do is solve the problem not necessarily think about my long term legal relationship."

Learn more about RarePink here:

Why you'll love Lexoo

We can help with the legal agreements that every business needs.

Lexoo has introduced 4,000+ entrepreneurs to the best small business lawyers. Some of the most popular legal services we have helped with are:

Shareholders Agreement

Each person involved in the business may have different goals and things that they bring to the table. One shareholder may bring experience to the table, while another brings cash. One might want an exit in five years, while the other wants to wait until a decade has passed. These are important issues that should be clarified from the start in a shareholders agreement.

Each agreement starts with a template, which provides the foundation that a solicitor will develop and lead you through. There are various choices to be made; depending on what you need, some choices will be more critical than others. Your lawyer will explain anything that is unclear and once you know more, you can select the options that matter the most.

Employment contracts

Finding the right people for your team is one of the biggest challenges your business will face. It can be a time-consuming process. But once you find a strong candidate, agree on salary and shake hands - it’s time to flesh out the details in an employment contract.

At its best, this contract serves both parties fairly, by outlining the key terms, addressing day-to-day issues, and balancing the rights of your employee with the needs of your business. A great employment lawyer can help to create a contract that does just that.

Commercial leases

At some point you’ll need to secure a place of business, whether it’s an office, shop or restaurant. Leasing a business premises is one of the biggest commitments you’ll make: it’s a promise to paying thousands of pounds in rent each month, year after year for 5 to 10 years, perhaps more.

A commercial lease (or commercial tenancy agreement) is a contract between you (the tenant) and the landlord. It outlines your rights to occupy the premises and your obligations to pay rent and abide by the rules set by the landlord. Lexoo can help you to find commercial lease specialists who have dealt with specific property issues for years.

For even more tips, check out our free eBook, ‘Lawyer Up - An entrepreneur’s guide to working with lawyers’.
“Excellent way for small businesses to find a lawyer. I always dread getting things legalled. I never know what I am paying for and the rates charged by most firms for apparently quite simple review work seem just insane. Not only did Lexoo generate some very reasonable and appropriate quotes but it actually got the process of choosing someone done in 3 days (as opposed to 6 months or never which would have been my previous fastest). Very strongly recommend.”
- Neil, Trustpilot

We only match you with experienced, qualified, insured lawyers like David.

David turney

"I started my legal career at Allen & Overy in the private equity and corporate department.

Working for such a large international firm inevitably meant that I spent my days and most nights in the office. Not that I was afraid of working, but simply because I was tired of being ordered around by the partners, I started to look for other opportunities. I was headhunted for an in-house role in a recently launched energy company.

I soon realised that due to the nature of the business we were essentially running operations like a private practice firm but sitting in-house. It was exciting, fast-paced and entrepreneurial. It was very different to any other in-house role which my peers had.

Through this role I developed experience across many industries and practice areas and was regularly exposed to matters in which the counterparty had engaged an international law firm and just doing one thing like corporate work.

From this experience, my business partner and I decided that we should offer our wealth of knowledge, experience and transaction management to the wider world. This is how Avery Law began.

Avery Law is a virtual city firm focusing mainly on corporate, commercial and finance matters. We also have experience in and offer ancillary and complementary services.

We work with many small to medium sized companies. I have recently seen an influx in and advised many tech startups. We are a full service firm competing with firms across the City except we cannot sell or buy your house or assist in a family related matter.

Our business model is based around a personal service, which for me, was a priority from the start.

I like get to know my clients and often become good friends with them. For me the role of a law firm partner is not just about bringing the work in and dishing out quotes."

Click here to receive competitive quotes from qualified lawyers like David.

What our customers say

"I've always felt that a model like Lexoo's should work in legal. Lexoo enables us to connect with smart, effective lawyers that we wouldn't have been connected to before, and that absolutely helps our team achieve what we want to achieve."

Andrew Magowan

General Counsel

“Sometimes the legal world can be fairly overwhelming but Lexoo helped us to find the lawyer we needed, quickly and easily. Lexoo presented us with a selection of high calibre legal professionals who had the relevant skill sets.”

Lambro Anastasiou

Head of Finance

“Lexoo is a great way to source and engage quality lawyers, worldwide. We have used Lexoo for a variety of work, from getting quotes for one-off pieces of advice to helping us take on a 12 month maternity leave cover. Highly recommended!”

Katherine Chandler

General Counsel, EMEA

“Lexoo's impressive service allows our team to quickly find and work with quality lawyers in foreign jurisdictions without having to rely on international firms and their associated costs. Highly recommended!”

Sam Ross

Head of Legal

Lexoo offer a range of lawyers with different expertise in different geographies. We have used Lexoo for wide-ranging jobs e.g. Czech finance agreements, Colorado law employment matters, to California law corporate work, all at incredible rates compared to larger firms.

Alex Hoye


“I head up the legal team at babylon, and we’ve been using Lexoo to find lawyers for different areas of law including employment and data protection. We received quotes from sole practitioners, boutique firms and larger outfits, allowing us to find the right lawyer for our needs.”

Henry Bennett

Head of Legal

“An efficient, flexible solution for in-house lawyers. Lexoo quickly found us external support to help with our increasing workload. We were quickly matched with an ex-magic circle lawyer with tech experience. Great service!”

Francesca John

Senior Legal Counsel

“I have used Lexoo for ad hoc legal queries and have found their network of lawyers to be reliable and cost-effective."

James Paterson

Group Counsel

“I placed an enquiry on Lexoo, including a brief overview of our legal matter. Very quickly I received detailed quotes from three commercial property specialists. I was impressed with each lawyer’s credentials and felt confident that I would be in safe hands.”

Sarah Wiseby

Administrative Director

“As General Counsel of a regulated financial technology company I regularly rely on external counsel. The Lexoo lawyer we were introduced to is highly experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and within reach of our budget.”

Dorothy Delahunt

General Counsel

“Lexoo is an excellent resource for cost-conscious in-house legal teams. We rely on them for quick and effective introductions to high quality specialist lawyers.”

Julia Tarvin

General Counsel

“Lexoo saved us a lot of time and money. It gave me peace of mind knowing that Lexoo would only let specialised solicitors quote. Seeing multiple quotes gave me a real idea of what the normal price range is."

Evgeny Shadchnev

Founder and CEO

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