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The legal world is tricky to navigate. It’s alien to most of us, we only have to delve into it a finite number of times in our lives. The thing is, there’s no quick fix in legal, and it’s tough to know what to look for when finding a lawyer, let alone how much to pay.

We often get questions about the cost of various legal services. Having run a data analysis on over 15,000 quotes submitted through the Lexoo platform, we came up with the below legal price index. Of course, your own circumstances and needs may result in different costs to those in the index, but hopefully it gives you a base to work off.

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Lexoo is the UK’s leading curated legal marketplace, helping our customers to easily source transparent, fixed fee quotes from the UK’s most talented independent lawyers within 24 hours, ultimately saving businesses an average of 46%. Selected as the Financial Times Innovation to Watch in 2015 and one of the UK’s top 100 new businesses by Startups.co.uk, we aim to make finding and employing the right lawyer for each business straight-forward and simple.

Why is Lexoo so cost-effective?

Lawyers no longer need to operate out of expensive offices in the centre of town. All a lawyer needs to service clients properly is a laptop, a phone and a Wi-Fi connection. We use technology to connect our customers directly with over 760 of the UK’s most talented and experienced independent lawyers.

Our lawyers typically started their careers at larger city firms and are therefore very specialised. However, now they often work from home, or from offices in less expensive locations and with small teams, so they don’t have the expensive overhead constraints that big law firms have. They also know that they are quoting on a competitive platform, therefore they offer their best price in the first instance - meaning that customers get the best value for money.

These factors mean that Lexoo customers pay an average of 46% less compared to equivalent expertise at a larger firm.

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"For me the biggest challenge is finding a lawyer who I can trust and who I know has the relevant expertise in this area. I'm not a lawyer myself so I don't really understand how it works.

When I talk to lawyers, often I don't really understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes I would speak to different companies and they would give me the quotes that would be so different.

The value of Lexoo comes in the additional independent advice on top of the quotes.

Lexoo tells you, "Hey, here is the list of lawyers that we know are good at this stuff. These are their quotes and here is why we think these ones are going to charge £3,000 and another wants to charge £10,000." This really, really helps.

Lexoo helps startups for two reasons. First, startups are usually very price-conscious so the idea of getting quotes for the job from Lexoo helps so that when you call a lawyer, they will be able to talk to you over the phone and the quote won’t be, "Well I charge £400 per hour”; “How many hours will it take?”; “Well it depends." Then you've got this huge commitment, it's like a blank cheque or it feels that way. Lexoo gives a very good estimate of how much it's going to cost.

Founders often have little experience of dealing with lawyers in general. In a large company, you can probably go to the legal department and say, "Hey, I need to talk to a specialist lawyer." They would say, "Okay, I've got three names off the top of my head and they have a relationship with our firm." Then you don't have a problem and you don't worry as much about the cost. In a small company, when you need someone with specific descriptions, Lexoo really helps."

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Lexoo's superstar lawyers
We've curated an international network of hundreds of boutique lawyers. Here are just a few!

  • Bhavini Kalaria

    Bhavini Kalaria

    Bhavini trained in the City and worked as a litigator at Russell-Cooke LLP before starting her own law firm, The London Law Practice in 2011. She is an expert in Dispute Resolution and Property Litigation.

    Dispute Resolution and Litigation

  • Adam Leadercramer

    Adam Leadercramer

    Adam is a partner specialising in commercial law in the sport, tech and entertainment sectors. He joined Onside Law after having spent over 6 years with leading City firm, Allen & Overy.

    Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Adam Tucker

    Adam Tucker

    Adam advises clients on a wide range of media and online content matters. He previously worked as a media and commercial lawyer for EE (Orange) and as Dyson’s sole commercial and intellectual property lawyer.


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    And many more…

    We've got many more lawyers ready to provide you with fixed quotes. Specialists in Commercial Property, Litigation, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Commercial Agreements, Employment Law and Corporate Law .

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